Check Admission at Stellenbosch University 2022

Check Admission at Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University is one of the most sought out universities in South Africa. The University is also among the top five hundred universities globally. It’s easy to imagine you’re one of the applicants who will love to know how to check admission status. 

If you’ve gone through the necessary admission processes, the next step is to remain updated on the outcome. This post will take you step-by-step on how to check your admission status at Stellenbosch University. It will also take you through the details of checking your admission to the University, so stick with it to the end.

About Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch has its fame for being the oldest university in South Africa. It is also the oldest extant university in Sub-Saharan Africa. The University is well-known as the designer and manufacturer of Africa’s first microsatellite known as SUNSAT, launched in 1999.

Stellenbosch University is a public research entity in Stellenbosch, in the Western Cape province of South Africa. It was the first African Unversity to sign the Benin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in Sciences and Humanities.

The institution houses a sizeable academic community of 29,000 students, with 4,000 international students from 100 countries. It houses 1,000 academics on five campuses, comprising over 3,000 permanent staff members.

SU creates an exquisite campus atmosphere with its delicate scape and other tourist attractions. This feature is the university’s secret for pulling local and international students to its umbrella. Stellenbosch features paved walkways some centuries old and architecture from different eras, pronouncing its academic beauty.

It couples this beauty with its sound principles for academic excellence and discipline impacted in students. Moreover, it creates a creative atmosphere where 21st-century ideas are born with efficient facilities and tools. Stellenbosch University has its unique character and personality.

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As long as you dream of studying in South Africa, there’s no reason why Stellenbosch should not be an option. All you need is the seven steps to apply to the school to bring your career to life.

How to Apply for Stellenbosch University

The University opens up for new applicants every year. If you’d love to enroll in a course program at the University, you can do so easily. To begin, ensure you familiarize yourself with the university’s terms and conditions for new applicants.

Here’s how to go around the entire application process with seven easy steps:

Explore Your Options

There is a wide variety of courses and programs to select from when aspiring to enroll. Before enrolling at the university, you must know what you’re applying for and get your goals straight. Some of their courses include Agrisciences, Arts and Social Sciences, Engineering, Law, Medicine and Health Sciences, and more.

To explore all options, visit to get information on your specific course to explore all possibilities. You can also book a career advice session at the Centre for Student’s Recruitments to clarify your choices. Keep in mind that you can pick up to three offers during your registration. 

Ensure You Meet the Criteria

Understanding the University’s terms of application means you are familiar with their eligibility criteria. Here are what you need to know before applying to the university:

  • You must meet minimum academic requirements when applying for a bachelor’s degree. Ensure you have a 30% grade for a South African Language and Teaching either English or Afrikaans. Also, have an achievement rating of 4, which is 50% to 59% in four 20-credit subjects.
  • The University will calculate your National Senior Certificate average before considering you. Firstly, it calculates your Highest Score in Language of Learning and Teaching (Eng or Afr). It then adds to 5 X your best results in 20-credit subjects, excluding non-NSC subjects like Advanced Mathematics.
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The result of the equation is then divided by 6.

  • The school evaluates your international qualifications when you’re an international student. They do this through your final school results from International Curriculum like Cambridge International.

You must meet the requirements for a bachelor’s degree. Also, try to meet the minimum standards for the program of your choice. To get admission, you must pass the selection phase.

Apply Punctually

Ensure you upload all documents for the application before the date runs out. Based on the program you’re applying for, the closing date differs. You can visit the school’s website for more details on time. 

Before applying, get all the documents for the application ready. These documents include comprehensive documents for all general applicants and course-specific documents. Visit the school’s website for more details on the papers the school demands.

Wait for the Review

After submitting your documents, the school will take some time to review your application. Once your application is complete, you will receive an email that confirms the process was successful. 

You can also view the school emails on your application portal. The school will also contact you using the phone number you provided to know how the application went.

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Track Your Application Process

After submitting your application, you should keep track of your progress. In this way, you will know whether the school has offered you admission or not. 

How to Check Admission Status at Stellenbosch University

  • Access your admission portal by visiting the Stellenbosch University website
  • Using your username and password, fill the required fields and click ‘Sign Up’
  • From the dashboard, access your admission status details
  • If you forget your password and username, email for password recovery processes.

Accept The School’s Offer

If you have applied for multiple programs, you might receive more than one offer from the school. You should select only one proposal out of the various offers you get. Accept all final offers before the deadline the school provides.

You should know that the school gives just three days to accept the offer. Ensure you don’t miss the final deadline.

Make It Official

You are to make your admission official with your signature. Whether a conditional or final offer, the school will ask you to submit a signed Student Contract. If they have not received your contract, you will not be able to further your admission process.

Final Thoughts

With the seven steps given above, registering successfully at Stellenbosch University is not far-fetched. Remember that you can reach out to the school for extra aid or more information. Visit the website dropped earlier, and don’t forget to provide your Applicant ID when contacting the school.

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