Chancellor’s International Scholarship 2022

Chancellor's International ScholarshipThose dreams of studying abroad can become a reality. There are numerous provisions worldwide that aid young, aspiring scholars like you in pursuing their academic goals. One of such opportunities is the University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships.

This post will give you complete details on everything you need to know about this scholarship. It comprises information on the benefits, eligibility requirements and criteria, and the step-by-step application process. Follow on with this post to the end so you won’t miss any information and increase your success chances.

What is the University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarships?

The University of Sussex opens up several learning opportunities for young, aspiring students to study further. One of these funding privileges available is the Chancellor’s International Scholarships.

Sussex gives out just 25 scholarships to international applicants who wish to study postgraduate programs at the university. With such a minimum amount of available slots, this is one very competitive scholarship.

The master’s degree funding is a partial fee waiver, taking off 50% of the tuition fees for the candidates. The school is looking for students who demonstrate their brilliant academic excellence. You cannot renew this scholarship program.

Scholarship Benefits

There are numerous advantages the scholarship renders to students who wish to apply. They include:

  • Up to 25 to 50 slots for international students
  • Partial fee waiver which reduces up to 50% of the tuition fees
  • It is in line with the majority of the courses Sussex offers

Scholarship Eligibility

Every applicant must meet up with the following criteria for higher chances:

  • Have applied for a course on a full-time postgraduate taught degree. The applicant must have also received a place to study at the University of Sussex. These courses may include postgraduate, graduate, MA, LLM, MRes, MSc, etc. 
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However, some degrees like courses in the Institute of Development Studies are not included. Postgraduate certificate, International Year One Diploma in Business and Management, pre-masters, and others are exempted.

  • Be intending to stay in the program the scholarship offers throughout the study period.
  • Not hold any other Sussex University scholarships for the Chancellor’s International Scholarships.
  • Prove liable to pay fees at the overseas rate, which is the non-EU rate.
  • Have enough funds to meet the tuition fees and living expenses after taking account of the tendency of the award.
  • All applicants must meet specific English Language and other language requirements.
  • Must have massive academic success and excellent results. An applicant must demonstrate outstanding grades in recent qualifications like a first-class degree if studying in the UK.  However, it is not compulsory to complete your qualifications as they also have conditional offers.
  • Have a clear and concise academic goal with all your choice courses linked to them.

How to Apply for the University of Sussex Chancellor’s International Scholarship

You’re now aware that the school has to give you an offer to be eligible for the Chancellor’s International Scholarship. Likewise, you must have accepted that offer of a place on a qualified Masters at Sussex. You can do nothing without this process so visit the website immediately to undergo the first step.

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You will need to provide supporting documents that give specific information about you. This information is necessary for the school to process your application to ensure you fill them out. The document is a statement of your academic interests, which include information on:

  • Your motivation and ambitions
  • Any relevant skills, extra-curricular activity or work experience that relates to the course of your choice or your ambitions
  • The potential you have to impact lives on returning to your home country positively.

When you get all these necessary documents, go to the next step by picking up an application form. You can pick an application form from the school’s site but first, make sure you have met all criteria. After filling out your form, go through it carefully to ensure you made no mistakes before submitting it.

Selection Process for the Chancellor’s International Scholarships

After the applications come in, a body from the university will access the students based on the criteria. The evaluation is based on the applicants’ information in the application form and the Master’s form sometimes.

When they come up with the final resolutions, the scholarship office will notify the successful applicants. Every other non-eligible candidate will not get a chance. Finally, remember that they receive over 1000 applications each season, making it highly competitive.

About University of Sussex

Truly, as the school’s motto professes, Sussex is the institution where you just have to be still and know. The public research university stands tall in Falmer, East Sussex, England. It also touches areas in the Lewes District though it is majorly within the cities of Brighton and Hove.

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Sussex is right for you because of its attractive learning location, situated in a vibrant area. The well-known South Downs National Park surrounds its large campus site, thereby, boosting its life and colourfulness. Additionally, the school is just about five kilometres away from central Brighton.

Unlike some other top-notch universities, Sussex is not affected by age. It’s one of the most recent schools in the United Kingdom, dating back to 1961. In August that year, it received its Royal Charter, making it the first plate glass university generation. 

When considering its size in terms of the number of people it accommodates, it is also doing pretty well. Interestingly, it has a vast community of more than 20,000 students, one in three being foreign. Over one-third of its students are in postgraduate programmes, and one-third of staff are from outside the UK. 

The school houses over a thousand academics standing for more than 140 nationalities. These and many more features account for its whopping income of 319.6 million euros from 2019 to 2020. However, this same year, the school recorded an expense of more than 282 million euros.

Today, the University of Sussex has groomed many famous figures, and many notable alumni arise from here. It includes 15 Fellows of the Royal Society, 5 Nobel Prize winners, 10 Fellows of the British Academy, and more. Studying at the University of Sussex can only get better.

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