Scholarships for Young Women 2022


Scholarships for Young Women

Indeed, some scholarships are selective when it comes to gender. There are fundings out there that are specifically for women. If you’re a lady aspiring to pursue funding, scholarships for young women are your best shot.

When you apply for scholarships for young women as a female, there are more benefits to enjoy. In this post, you’ll learn about the best scholarships for young women, their details, requirements, and application process. Therefore, stick with this post to the end so you won’t miss a single piece of information.

Here are some of the top scholarships for young women:

  • Adobe Research Women in Technology Scholarships
  • NYU Wagner Public Fellowship Scholarships for African Women
  • The HP Women Scholarship Fund at the University of the People

Adobe Research Women in Technology Scholarships

The world knows Adobe as one of the leading software creators globally today. However, Adobe is ready to prove that they are more than just any company. Also, they are willing to show the world that they admire and appreciate an individual’s love and belief in technology.

The Research Women in technology scheme honours female undergraduate students aiming to study Computer Science. Any woman from around the world can apply as long as her course is Computer Science or something closely related. Furthermore, it is open to any university the candidate goes for, and there is no specific number of awards.


There are several customized benefits to enjoy. They include:

  • An award worth $10,000 which the candidate will receive once
  • A Creative Cloud subscription membership for candidates to enjoy for a year
  • Opportunity to participate in an internship at the Adobe 2016 Summer
  • An Adobe Research mentor
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Here are the criteria all applicants must meet to be eligible:

  • They must be female students.
  • The applicant must have gotten admission as a full-time undergraduate student in a university.
  • No applicant must be a relative of anyone working for Adobe Research.
  • Candidates must be offering specific courses, which are Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or something that relates to a technical field.

Application Process

The application is open online for interested people. Therefore, visit the scholarship website to apply and participate. Lastly, ensure you carry out all steps before the deadline.

NYU Wagner Public Fellowship Scholarships for African Women

If you’re familiar with the Oprah Winfrey Foundation, then you’ll get a clearer picture of this package. The foundation has donated to the African Women Public Service Fellowship, making it possible for Wagner’s funding program. The funding goal is to provide more opportunities to African women, preparing them for public service at home.

Furthermore, the target group is African women, and there are no specific amount of awards for candidates. Again, the host institution is NYU Wagner in the USA. The eligible courses are graduate programs in Public Administration and Executive NPA.


Firstly, whichever program you choose, you’ll enjoy the same scale of values. The award will support you with tuition, accommodation, travel expenses to and from the United States, etc. Furthermore, there’ll be a small stipend for candidates to satisfy other schooling costs.


The interested persons must meet the following criteria:

  • They must be citizens of an African country at their application.
  • Also, candidates must be residents of an African country during their application.
  • For higher chances, backup your application with excellent academic records. The screening committee is keen on knowing how you’ve contributed to your community. Also, they are curious to see how the award will help you create more impact in your home country.
  • All candidates must be willing to return to their home country after the program. Hence, they will be able to implement their knowledge in developing the continent. Furthermore, the foundation expects them to be ready to contribute meaningfully towards eliminating Africa’s challenges.
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There are other general admission criteria that all applicants must go through. You can easily access them on the scholarship site.

Application Process

When you apply to the university, they will automatically pick you out and consider you. Hence, there is no separate application for the scholarship. The university will consider you for all scholarships, including the African Women Public Service Fellowships.

However, candidates must be aware that they have to apply to the university before the deadline. For more information on the application, visit the scholarship website.

The HP Women Scholarship Fund at the University of the People

At the DLDWomen12 program, the Hewlett-Packard (HP) Women’s Scholarship Fund began with an unveiling. Through this fund, hundred female students receive two awards from studying at the University of the People (UoPeople). 

This fund is one of the best scholarships for young women regarding the number of awards and quality. Interestingly, the awardees get a chance to receive mentoring support from HP employees. This package is one ample opportunity that every student must not miss.

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Firstly, they give support and professional guidance to the candidates. They make their learning experience unforgettable, preparing them for flawless employment. 

The University of the People

This university is the host institution of the award. It is the world’s first non-profit, degree-granting, and tuition-free online academic institution. It eliminates the barrier of distance and gives everyone a chance to experience higher education wherever they are.

Lastly, the eligible courses are Computer Science and Business Administration.


Indeed, UoPeople doesn’t charge for tuition or any additional schooling expenses. However, it demands a small amount to process applications and examinations. Also, this stipend charge helps to keep the university’s sustainability in check.

At this junction, this fund comes in. It covers all additional costs for very smooth education.


The candidates should meet the following requirements:

  • They must be able to connect through the internet to the university
  • The English Language is a compulsory one for all applicants.
  • The eligible age is those between 18 to 35 years old

For further eligibility information, visit the scholarship site.

Application Process

Before applying, the candidate should receive admission to UoPeople. Thereafter, they may proceed to apply for the scholarship.

The applicant should visit the UoPeople online application portal and apply before the deadline. After applying, the school will screen all candidates. Hence, they will send an invitation for the scholarship to all those who meet their requirements.

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